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Tellier company
For 70 years, TELLIER has been using innovation to unleash creativity and improve efficiency in the kitchen

It all started in 1947 when Louis Tellier revolutionized the astronomic world by creating the world’s first professional food mill. This groundbreaking innovation – the first of a long series, established the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of robust and efficient small kitchen appliances.
In 65 years of experience, TELLIER has consistently been launching innovative and useful products to provide its worldwide customers with tools designed to meet their needs and requirements. The company is now a major player in the professional kitchen and catering equipment market.

1947: The “LT food mill”, the invention that set this amazing industrial adventure in motion

His experience as a French Navy sailor during World War I helped Louis Tellier hone his mechanics skills. So, when one of his friends, who happened to be a restaurant owner, asked him to create a device to make potato purée, he invented the world’s first professional food mill in his workshop located in Levallois-Perret. Featuring a flow rate of 20 kg/min, this invention revolutionized the gastronomic world! An immediate hit, the “LT food mill” was patented and gradually became an essential tool for cooks. Also available in domestic model, the “LT food mill” makes it so easy for anyone to cook light purées, soups, fruit compotes and coulis.
It didn’t take him long to came up with the idea to start his own business with his son Jean. Together, they founded the company TELLIER.

Here’s the yummy soup !
The “Food mill n°5” is TELLIER’s historic invention. Made in France in the manufacturing premises located in Argenteuil, the product is exported worldwide. Very efficient and sturdy, on its 65th birthday, the food mill contributed to break the record of the world’s largest vat of mashed potatoes. It was accomplished on September 29th, 2012 following the famous recipe of Joël Robuchon at Le Futuroscope amusement park in Poitiers, France.

1960: The French fry cutter, the company’s first major international success.

Tellier’s constant quest for developing new inventions that would make work easier for professionals in the HoReCa market segment accelerated the company’s growth. In 1957, the company moved to La Garenne-Colombes, gradually equipped itself with sheet metal machines and set up a tinning workshop. New people were also hired to support the growth and the company developed its distribution network throughout France.
In 1960, Jean Tellier created an innovative French fry cutter to be shown at the Paris Fair. The first international orders were placed! Hundreds of thousands of French fry cutters were quickly produced and sold all over the world. The invention even won a prize at the Stockholm International Design competition.

1976: : the can-opener product range, a breakthrough in hygiene standards in institutional foodservice

TELLIER’s commitment to innovation was once again noticed in 1976 with the launch of a brand-new range of patented can-openers that perfectly met institutional foodservice professionals’ needs in terms of hygiene, food security and performance. At the time, because professional can-openers could not be dismantled and it was impossible to clean them, they were a major contributor to contamination and food poisoning in institutional establishments. As a forward-thinking manufacturer, TELLIER created the first stainless steel can-opener that was also easy to dismantle without the use of tools and dishwasher-safe. So far, TELLIER’s professional can-opener is the only one to have the NF Hyigiène Alimentaire mark, which is a collective certification mark. It certifies the conformity with regulation NF031.

1990’s: one successful innovation after another

Pierre Tellier, the grand-son of the founder, took control of the company in 1990 and entrusted his cousin from the CETIM – the Centre for Technology and Innovation Management, with the technical direction of the company. New efficient and robust products are launched:
NF certified tomato slicers and wedge cutters were awarded the "APRIA Award" innovation prize at the Equip’Hôtel hospitality tradeshow in 1997. Customers’ loyalty shows how qualitative these products are.

2000’s: going global

Every year, TELLIER promotes its products and showcases its expertise at major international tradeshows: Dubai, Moscow, Frankfort, Barcelona, Milano… conquering new markets abroad. In fact, in 2009, the company was exporting 40% of its turnover to more than 100 countries worldwide. Meanwhile, the company keeps expanding its product portfolio every year. Launched in 2000, LT NF certified stainless steel cling film boxes and dispenser boxes are a true breakthrough in the industry and for all stakeholders concerned with the implementation of the HACCP program.

Since 2001, TELLIER has been launching a complete range of carving tools and books to fuel the creativity of culinary design enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, the company introduced the art of fruit and vegetable carving in France and is an internationally recognized specialist in this field.

TELLIER’s expertise meets the need of a new trend: fresh-cut fruits and vegetables in grocery stores. The company exports its pineapple peelers and melon wedgers all over the world, from Dubai to Los Angeles.

Since 2010: Breaking into the consumer market, Acquiring new brands

Willing to sustain the family business, Pierre Tellier passed down the majority in 2010. Anne-Laure Nabat Flecher was appointed the new CEO and with UI Gestion – an asset management company, she intends to carry on TELLIER’s dynamic and immutable tradition of innovation. In 2011, TELLIER was awarded with the PM’up label joining the group of Ile-de-France SMEs with strong innovation potential, high worldwide growth potential and that also create local jobs. The company invests heavily, hires new people and now focuses on 2 retail markets: the professionals of the HoReCa market segment and the consumer market. TELLIER even partners with renowned Chefs and designers to launch new products. In line with TELLIER’s know-how, the 3 in 1 multi-cutter meets multiple needs: slicer, wedger and stick cutter.

TELLIER has recently released a range of design culinary tools called Food DesignerTM launched in conjunction with Frédéric Jaunault, who has been granted the title of “2011 Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the fruits and vegetables category.

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